About Us

Insvltees is a brand spanking new line of unisex street threads - 'Insults on Tees'

Made with 100% Attitude

When you can’t say it, wear your Attitude! 


Inspired by those annoying humans we encounter. Every. Friggin’. Day. Attitude is what we have, but sometimes, we can’t say it (and rolling your eyes just gives you a blasted headache)... so these tees let you wear it, and ‘say’ it without ‘saying’ it.

It’s not rude. It’s not intrusive. It just speaks the words that we cannot say.


To us, insvltees are not just t-shirts.
They’re art.
They’re a form of self expression.
What you wear is a product of craft.


That’s why we created the sizing chart, so that you know what your hard earned money is buying. Select the size carefully, cos once it’s bought, it’s not refundable.


Like all good craft pieces, once bought, you’d want to be seen in it all the time, so

wear it with pride!


Tell the world, this is me, and I don’t make any apologies for it!


We work with our designer to develop designs that works for every line. The designs must be visually appealing & relevant. The lines we print have attitude & spunk! Most of all, it needs to

resonate with you



The beginning is where it all started...

Waddaya get when you combine a loony ex-advertising nutjob (everyone knows we’re all a little crazy!), a current more-sane advertising professional & a designer who embodies & executes good design philosophies?


This all came about by chance really… we were just sitting around having drinks one day, just ‘chatting’ and realized that everyone had some grievance to share. One fler said “Hey! Let's put them on tees!” The insvltees name came naturally, and here we are.

Small and cozy, we took awhile (we all had professional day jobs) to hunt for comfortable fabric (we met many vendors) and hired a kick-ass designer (totally kick-ass!) who encapsulated the insvlts cleverly on our tees.

The logo is a syringe made out of thread, which flows into the insvltees font. Well, a syringe pricks but doesn’t exactly hurt, but it still hurts, ya know. It was scribbled on a napkin, cleaned up by our kick-ass designer and is what you see today.


We are proud of its origins and will continuously keep our eyes open to bringing you fresh lines & designs.


We already have a range of collections in the pipeline, so we need to get this first batch of Classic Collection moving, so that we can start production on the future lines. Trust us, we have so many more lines to share!


We are crazy excited with the response! And we sincerely thank you for all your support. BIG love for that guys!

 Watch this space.

Keep the orders rollin’ in!

Keep the LOVE comin'!


There’s lots more in store and we can’t wait to share them with you!




Insvltees is wholly owned by Origami Souls Enterprise[SSM no. 002557330-H]